A Matter of Taste

2003 - Present

A Matter of Taste A Matter of Taste A Matter of Taste A Matter of Taste

For the past twenty years, particularly in Design Classes, I have given students a gender survey as an in class assignment, to demonstrate to them that we tend to choose images or create images which correspond to psychological sex preferences. I have been using a survey developed in 1949 by husband and wife psychologists, Kate Frank and Ephrim Rosen. They state that males and females tend to choose or create images corresponding to their body image as well as their identity in terms of gender roles and potentialities. It also corresponds to the degree in which an individual accepts or embraces gender roles in both conscious and unconscious states. I have found that my statistics show that the majority of college art students tend to chose or create images which have both gender characteristics, but while male students will cross over and choose stereotypical female imaging, female students rarely cross over and choose stereotypical male imaging.

This series of 30 paintings consists of 10 sets of 3 images containing one male image, one female image and one containing both gender preferences. During the exhibit opening and at other intervals, say once a week. The exhibition audience will be asked to participate by voting with color chips on the painting they like best in each of the 10 sets. At the end of the exhibit explanations of gender preferences will be given and totals for each piece will be given by gender. In this work I hope to sensitize people as to the subtle preferences which dictate taste in visual art.