Feminazation Series


Feminization Series Feminization Series Feminization Series Feminization Series

This is a series of 12 prints, which are intended to reveal some of the destructive ways in which women have been socialized . The point I wish to make is that negative forms of socialization are damaging to women and invites manipulation or even violence from men. Negative gender messages come from everywhere. The public media in particular can psychologically, intellectually and figuratively cripple females. We live in an era where parents, teachers and clergy combined can not counteract the forces of peer pressure and public media - television, cinema, video games, advertising, etcetera. For the socialization of both sexes it is important to expose and to either eradicate or to put into perspective negative role models in the public media. If we are going to thrive as a species, given increasing worldwide population, we will have to embrace more of the so called nurturing feminine attributes, of cooperation, compassion and social responsibility or pay dearly as a society.