Love of Conflict / The Economics Lesson


This mixed media painting is an interactive work of art. The support piece is a large hemmed canvas, 136"w. x 81"h., a painted map of the world, painted with acrylic paint. On this painting are 1/2" Velcro dots spaced out on a six inch grid. The image is changed by adding up to 120 movable picture pieces. These images are of weapons, combat troops and international currency from various countries. They are made of acrylic paint on 1/2" gator foam, with silk screen printed decals laminated over them. Each cut out piece is backed with Velcro, so that it attaches to the painting easily and also to a carpeted gallery wall or Velcro strips. As part of The World Trade Series, this mixed media painting hopefully stimulates the viewer to ask important questions about human nature, about what we let our respective governments spend so much money on. Rather than give all of the answers in a didactic or obvious way, I hope that my works make people stop and think for themselves.