The Nature of Nature Series

2003 - Present

The Nature of Nature The Nature of Nature The Nature of Nature The Nature of Nature

Always playing emotions against issues of the day, revising, redefining and reassessing the direction of my work, it's relevance to today's world, I have found myself looking back at my early work, testing for truth, clarity of vision, searching for threads of continuity to the present, questioning where to go next in these troubling times. My recent work revisits the mark of man on nature -- where my artwork started in the late 1960's. Responding to environmental issues, I created art from images of trashed landscapes, decaying appliances, rusting cars. I loved how nature fought back, images of trees enveloping tomb stones and vines covering rusted out trucks, evidence of the transience of man's works on earth and hope that nature ultimately will survive, regenerate and flourish again. By combining found objects, used magnets from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory here in Tallahassee, with landscape elements in these prints, I am commenting on the subtle unseen forces in nature, the forces that make life on this planet possible.

Presently, I am considering the Nature of Nature, for we know now that nature has changed, man has truly altered the environment. Three years ago, president Bush confirmed what we all knew, that global warming was really happening and stated that we would "just have to live with it!" Recent hurricanes have made a mess out of large chunks of my geographic location, along the gulf coast and Florida in particular. Storms are now of greater intensity than ever before. The storm that hit South Florida yesterday, hurricane Wilma, had the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded.

In the north west, glaciers have all but disappeared form the continental United States and the polar ice cap is melting and driving real estate prices crazy, as countries vie for oil drilling rights and shipping passage rights. Hellooooooo!

Professor, Janice Hartwell -- Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida