World Trade Series


During the late 1980ís I could afford to travel more, My husband and I took vacations in Jamaica, three islands in the Bahamas, followed by a semester of my teaching at the Florida State University Student Study Center in Florence Italy. We lengthened our stay in Europe by driving from Pisa to Lisbon and by flying to Egypt. That entire trip was a thrilling adventure for us. We met lots of interesting people and became aware of different customs and life styles. I returned to Tallahassee, Florida with an outlook that would not have developed with out my renewed appreciation for art history and history in general. So much of art in the past was influenced by historical events., this made me more attuned to the international politics of our times. And in the late 80s, on my sabbatical, we went to Hong Kong for a week and to Thailand as well for three weeks.

Technically my work was changing form one formal image to a photomontage of many images, both in the silkscreen prints, and in the works on canvas. The paintings used dyed sprayed paper pulp, silkscreen printed decals and cast paper relief objects. Also I began marbling paper and canvases first, which produced a surface I enjoyed working on.