World Travel Series

1983 - 1987

These paper pulp paintings on canvas are interpretations of places, which have impressed me in other countries. They begin as drawings from composite photographs and are simplified into patterns of color through applying dyed paper pulp onto canvas. The painting surface is achieved by hand applying dyed cotton linter paper mixed with acrylic medium as a binder. The paper is made of non - yellowing, sulfur free, 100% cotton linters and the dyes are permanent dyes made colorfast before using. Each small batch of colored pulp is mixed with acrylic gel medium and applied to the canvas by hand. Excess moisture is removed by a sponge so that the canvas dries in a matter of hours to a hard bond with the canvas. The final piece is coated with several sprayed coats of acrylic medium, making a really permanent bond , which can be cleaned with a damp rag or vacum to clean.